Mendocino, CA

Welcome to my "Valon Cross" Personal Site

Hello World!

This contains my professional background, personal links and some technical "experiments" and links.

I work at a large US bank as a technical team lead and unofficial technical project manager for eComm Online Banking projects (Java, Spring, Struts 2, WebSphere, Web Services, Oracle). In an earlier life at this bank, I implemented a 3rd party commercial rules engine for the Bank's mortgage division with Java and MQ messaging on Solaris and AIX.

I am passionate about development process improvement and testing. If we remove developer roadblocks we will get more integrated functional testing and higher quality. And then we can spend more time on site reliability and performance and better logging. I actually told one of my former manangers that I want to be his "efficiency expert" and improve processes for the developers. He welcomed this. By the way, we use soapUI and other XML message responder tools for repeatable local testing of different use cases without a back end connection.

Last year, I looked into Mobile App development. See my "Mobile" page.

This year I looked at (in my spare time) a JAXB demo for XML to/from Java and JSON messaging, the Spring JDBC Template and open source connection pooling solutions. I also spent time on Drools and would like to make a real Drools application to better exercise the various rule evaluation use cases.

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